Mark Dulisse Used Deceptive Marketing Practices to Defraud & Deny Customer Refund &...

Mark Dulisse aka Freedom 55 Financial aka Dominating Google

I ordered an online digital product called Dominating Google that offered an

unconditional 60-day moneyback guarantee from an unethical & unscrupulous

internet marketer who goes by the name Mark Dulisse who defrauded me of my

money & then later denied me access as a member to www.dominatinggoogle.com after I filed a refund claim with PayPal!

The reason why I filed a claim is because I did not receive all the info advertised that I really wanted & the seller Mark Dulisse refused & or FAILED to respond to any & all of my email requests or phone calls during a period of 45 days so I decided if he is not going to provide the missing info or respond to any of my email requests then I better request a refund before it's too late.

So after patiently waiting for so long I called PayPal & they suggested I file a claim immediately against Mark Dulisse to get my money back.

So I followed the PayPal representatives recommendation by filing a claim

against Mark Dulisse the alleged fraudster.

Then I later discover via PayPal that the alleged deceptive

seller Mark Dulisse was denying me a refund in spite of his advertised refund


Furthermore Mark Dulisse belligerently stated over the phone

that PayPal will not grant refunds for digital downloads.

"If the seller responds to Paypal by email within the

next 10 day even if the alleged scam seller Mark Dulisse denies any buyer a

refund." says PayPal Representative via Phone

It appears that alleged that conman Mark Dulisse uses PayPal as a loophole or trick to avoid

legitimately honoring his 60 day moneyback guarantee even though it is publicly


Mark Dulisse now appears to be delusional by simply ignored my request for a refund & then later resorting to sending me emails accusing me of stealing his digital

product along with his 3 advertised free plugin bonuses.

What the conman Mark Dulisse fails to realize is that I

added these free bonuses to my websites while I was waiting for Mark Dulisse to

deliver the promised missing content that I was looking for & that was also

clearly advertised on his internet website.

Not only does the Mark Dulisse act like a criminal white

collar scam artist he then completely denies me access to the membership that I

originally paid $197 for while still denying my request for a refund.

Mark Dulisse justifies his unethical behavior by

fraudulently claimimg (blatantly lying)I gave away his 3 SEO plugins to other

internet site owners.

The fact is I own all three sites on the same server &

the same IP address even though I use different aliases which is not illegal as

long you don't do anything illegal or deceptive.

The reason why I'm reporting this is because Mark Dulisse

will attempt to change the subject when cornered or confronted.

I have the email receipt by paypal for the digital product

ordered on Feb 28 2011 by Mark Dulisse which verifies he did not honor the

promised 60 day unconditional moneyback guarantee.

I do not recommend you order any digital product from Mark Dulisse unless you use a credit card to order as may have to dispute your credit card charge if you ever decide his product for whatever reason did not work for you. Mark Dulisse is very unethical as demonstrated by his refusal to provide customer support, honor any refunds then cancel my membership after stealing my money & lying about honoring any unconditional refunds.

Mark Duluiss (aka Mark Devious) will probably jusify his behavior by wrongfully referring to my website www.ErosRx.com & making false accusations as he did in his emails that i will gladly post if & when he responds. Mark Duluisse may attempt to paint me as a free loader as he will probably do with you if you ever order any of his products & then decide to ask for a refund for whatever reason.

Before you listen any of Mark Dulisse's lies & distortions read the free bonuses at bottom of page & the 60 day moneyback guarantee & then decide if he is trustworthy or just another Internet marketing conman



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Here is the typical IM'er who will try and damage you by posting the same thing on multiple sites and blogs. He is a maniac.

I did refund this dude, and here is the proof:


Not everything you read on the internet and on this site is the truth. Much of it is competition too.


That's his game!

Mark Dulisse is a professional ONLINE THIEF!




His refund policy is NON-EXISTENT!His support is actually an experience you want to avoid.

He does this on purpose. He actually enjoys taking our money, refusing to refund on licensed digital products (that he can cut-off at any time) and if you open a dispute or contact him and state that he is ripping you off or basically don't agree with his low-life tactics - HE THEN KEEPS YOUR MONEY AND CUTS OFF YOUR LICENSE AS WELL. I WOULD LIVE TO BUMP INTO HIM - HE'LL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN - I PROMISE YOU! He deliberately ignores refund requests.

He is so far up his own backside - it's actually sickening - which he is BTW. Watch his silly videos and count how many times he says this about his product.. "it's very cool"! What a useless, deceptive and fraudulent *** Mark Dulisseis.

You have been warned.Buy from him at your own peril!

to Danny #1170817

Mark Dulisse here:

This is the game on refund policy, so read them, they are CLEAR on my salespages.


30 Day Guarantee No Questions Asked Refund Policy. You submit a ticket, you get a refund. No questions. If you are abusive to my staff at help desk and start making threats of defamation, sending in 25 tickets in 5 minutes, etc (which often happens in the IM niche space), please do not do that.


30 Days Limited Guarantee. Meaning, if the software is not working for you, submit a ticket, and if we cannot fix within 30 days, we will gladly refund. This refund policy is on expensive softwares to develop, they are on your hard drive, and meant to stay clear of what I call, 'serial refunders' in the IM niche.

3. No refund policy.

These are usually on mp4 clips, etc, that is similar to refund policy on other video download sites (videohive, etc).

Please be kind to support staff...if you are abusive...yes, I can see why they may want to ignore you. If you have not gotten a refund, and you are in the #1 point above, please email me personally (you know address) and submit proof of purchase, and I can refund you.

Additionally, I am more than happy to give to you a complimentary on a great softwares as well.Thank you Mark Dulisse


The bottom line is the Mark is a terrible person of which karma will catch up to him (if it hasn't already).Chalk him up next to the clicksure/paid actors scammers of which they would sell their first born for a buck.

My assumption is that he hates women and children.

I'd give it a 80-99% chance that he verbally mocks and beats little puppies.

I'm amazed that he can sleep at night given the way he treats people.

He has no regard for ethics, professionalism, common curtosy, or respect.

Unfortunately I have to go or I'd dig into my archives of hate mail and support tickets from this guy.

Maybe we can start a Facebook group for all the people he has pissed off?Just so he can target the group in FB ads so he can try to screw everyone again!

Buyers beware :)

to Anonymous #1170819

Mark Dulisse here..

Dear Anonymous, come out come out, wherever you are...

Sounds like competition to me.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #748240

I remember This Mark psychotic marketer working with Alex Goad for Google domination site. He was the most rude and shameless person, who basically spitted on every member. He absolutely terrible by bullying people with his language and insecure attitude.

Most likely he is a product of miserable childhood, or maybe he was severely bullied in his younger years at school, because that is his attitude towards others in general.

I truly feel sorry for this Mark person and even money he steals from others never make him happy.

Whatever he sells, or advertise- RUN AWAY! NEVER do any business, or even talk to this narcissist. Narcissistic disorder is incurable.

to Zenaida #1170822

Mark Dulisse here...

I have never bullied anyone.I have to admit, if my support staff are abused my impatient marketer's, I can step in and set the record straight.

Just because one buys a $47 digital product, does not give them the right to abuse my staff and demand '24/7' support for years to come, and personal hand holding for the rest of my life.

For some reason, many in the IM niche expect this, or they complain.

No offense, that is my personal opinion. I have helped out thousands upon thousands.

I have seen and read it all at my help desk. One guy even threatened me at my local home, looked me up on google maps. I had to call my local police who got a hold of him in Europe and gave him warning never to contact me again.

All over a $9 product that was a digital download video background with a no refund policy on the salespage, similar to videohive, etc...I have seen it all.


MARK DULISSE customer service is terrible, and himself as a parson. All he want is your money, after he got it he will never care about you as a customer. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE I had with him as a customer :(

to Chelo #1170827

Mark Dulisse here,

Hi Chelo.I do not remember you.

I offer software and training for a fee. So yes, it is about money for a service/product.

At some points my after sales service has been terrible, and some of this has been due to huge amount of sales on a launch.

I launch a product. There are 2000 new customers in 2 days.

500 of them are hitting the support desk in 1 day, all demanding a personal hand.

I sell a SEO course, it is a video tutorial and pdfs. Well, I get 500 tickets, all people wanting PERSONAL advice and consultation on their domains, and how they can improve their rankings. And I'm like, 'please to watch my training.' In this scenario, these people can be very aggressive and demanding. I try to answer some, but that is not my offer.

Some get downright very aggressive, almost demanding personal service. The same with softwares. People want personal consultation, and help. They buy a web video player.

It plays your mp4 videos. But then they want help on converting videos, setting up meta data on video files, etc... Well, that is not the service. There are video encoding services that do that.

But for some reason, customers in the IM niche think they own you if they give you $10. That is my rant on this topic.

If you are reading this Chelo, please write to me, and I can give you a free complimentary on one of my most excellent softwares and/or courses to help your IM business.Thanks Mark Dulisse

Oakdale, New York, United States #599909

I tend to agree with all of the posters here.I have actually bought several of Mark's products in the past.

Most I am very happy with. However, his customer service is non existent.

I would only ever order from him going forward with a credit card. Just because his customer service sucks does not mean you should never order from him.

Most of his products are good.Just buyer beware and order with a credit card so you can file a chargeback if he does not respond.

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